7 Top Tips To Get The Most From Your Wonderful New iPhone

Again, Christmas dawn and no doubt countless smart phones around the world were opened. For some of these phones is a slightly larger number of familiar winners. For others new smartphones will introduce them to a new ecosystem. Over the past few years have seen Apple’s iPhone breaking sales records, and no doubt iPhone, iPhone 7 plus and some of the old genius and a Legion of new users are welcome to the iOS world of their holiday phone.

Get On To Right iCloud

The last few years has seen a greater focus on cloud-based services. From file storage and backup, to media files and personal information, your choice of platform will also reflect your primary cloud service. In the case of iOS, you’re looking at iClould.

You are prompted to log on to an existing account or to create a new account during the initial startup process. If this is your first time on the iPhone I recommend setting up an account and existing users signing up will have the opportunity to restore the previous iOS machine to back up the iCloud account (which means allowing a backup to be sent to iCloud is a good idea).

You will also have the opportunity to secure accounts with two-factor authentication. My advice is, however, to make sure your physical copy is key to your recovery. Print it out and keep it safe and memorable. Without it you may be locked out of account on all your devices if there are security issues.

Apple’s Cloud Is Not The Only Cloud

Although iCloud drives much of the Apple experience, the iPhone can use other cloud providers and online services. It’s a simple matter to add accounts provided by Microsoft, Google, Yahool, AOL or an Exchange server – the option is under ‘Settings – Mail – Contacts, Calendars – Accounts’.

If you are already in these clouds (those coming from Android will have a Google account, and while Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone are still very small parts of the market, Windows 10 desktop users should have a Microsoft account to hand), then you should add them in and download the extra apps – Gmail, Google Calendar and the Google Docs apps; Outlook, Office 365, and OneNote for Microsoft.

The days of a phone being a complete data island are past, but you do need to do a little bit of work to  get your cross-platform clouds working.


Wait For The OS Update

Thanks to the short period between manufacturing and retail, a new iPhone is more than likely going to be on the latest version of iOS, although any handset bought in the weeks before Christmas may not have the recent point updates. Although there are reports of battery issues with December’s iOS 10.2.

No version of iOS is going to be perfect – at the end of December 2016 a particularly awkward battery bug is kicking around that causes some iPhones to switch of when they reach thirty percent power remaining. For some that may be enough of a reason not to update, but it’s not yet a showstopper and Apple is relatively quick to fix bugs and errors in the iOS code – even if it might not say exactly what has been fixed.

An iOS update is not something you need to do the second your iPhone comes out of the box. iOS 10 in all its versions copes well, and there are no real show-stoppers that cannot wait a day or two before doing the update. One thing to note is that if you update iOS, there’s usually only a very short window of time when you can roll back to an older release – if you consider an iOS update a one-way road you’ll be taking the pragmatic route.

Release Your Inner David Bailey 

It always understands the best camera you can take with your camera when you really need to take a picture. The quality of the image in general camera phones and the iPhone in particular means that for many people their smartphones will become the main camera in their lives.

And with your new iPhone, you’ll always have a great camera with you and you should be able to capture any moment … as long as you know how to use the camera. Apple in its main increase in flexibility and accuracy of camera mode (including burst mode will be multiple pictures, and very slow motion recording at 240 frames per second). What you can do with the iPhone 7 + and its dual-lens camera opt for sitting at the forefront of Apple’s move.

No matter what cell phone you have, there are many decisions to consider and choose from the best videos to help you choose. Learn these moments before you miss a lifetime. Play with the features that try to focus on and practice switching between various modes to keep your photographer’s eyes synchronized with Apple’s engineers.

Quickly take pictures when you do not need to consider the camera settings you need … you know.



When Things Go Wrong

For some, extended warranties have a bit of a bad name, but once the statutory warranty has run out, many people like to have a safety net, especially on high value products like the iPhone. Strictly speaking AppleCare is a service contract and not an extended warranty scheme, but it does provide two years of technical support and hardware coverage (including the option to repair accidental damage such as cracked screens with a small excess payment at the point of repair).

In the short term it’s a high-margin product for Apple, but it’s an option worth considering immediately, even though you have a year to purchase the extended warranty. While the cost might seem high, the replacement or repair cost of a new iPhone would be much more – and for those of you who have purchase d an iPhone through Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program, Apple Care comes as part of the package.

When the time comes to look for a repair or advice, AppleCare will come into its own.

It’s All About Apps

Apple has worked hard to include a solid suite of first-party software in iOS, but the real strength of a smartphone is in the third-party apps. With everything routed through the App Store it’s easy enough to navigate, but where to start? Well, there are some obvious apps to point out.

The first would be your social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and LinkedIn, all have strong iOS applications that tie in with both the iPhone notification system and the ‘share’ dialog. The new wave of messaging clients such as Instagram and Snapchat should also be on your list.

As noted earlier, the cloud based apps from Google and Microsoft are recommend. So strongly consider Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Plus, and Google Search from Mountain View’s Cloud; and Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive, and the Office 365 suite (including Word and Excel) from Redmond.

Sports fans will find the sports news networks have their own apps, from specific NFL, MLB and NBA apps, to news apps from the likes of ESPN and the BBC.

Super Mario Run

…And A Few Games

Smartphone games are shorter, making up the maximum number of applications. Here are my three current favorites.

It’s hard to avoid the publicity around running from Super Mario Nintendo, although the $ 9.99 price of unlocking the game completely leads to a lot of negative reviews, Nintendo’s skills are in the game. Get a free download Try a few levels before and see what you think.

Although not a mature driving experience, the need for speed: no limit is a good balance of fast graphics, action, and the size of the arcade driving. Long Running Mode A constant chasing goal, this free value-added game offers great value for money.

For the first time in April 2015, the Monument Valley is unwavering “classic” territory but it still looks great. Slowly-spaced isometric jigsaw puzzle, which uses angles as another dimension, is a gentle art and a peculiarly fascinating game.