Amazing Ideas: Cell Phone Cases have a several striking

With the development of the information age ,mobile phone has become a necessity in people’s  lives, it’s a slightly different size. That means you have to purchase a new cell phone case whenever you buy a new phone. What’s a person to do with all of those old, unwanted cell phone cases? They are difficult to recycle, it will feel very shame for them.

We found some creative ways to upcycle cell phone cases and use them for different purposes. Have you put any of your old cell phone cases to use in a similarly interesting way? We’d love to hear about it.

The overall appearance of cell phone case
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Note pad with pen

There are So simple and practical to use it By Jillee. Fill an old cell phone case with two or three different colors of sticky notes. Attach a pen or pencil with a ribbon, and you have a colorful notepad. Hang it in your house so you can leave notes for your family. If you put it in your office, you will know your notes. Or stick the case/note pad in your car so you can jot down ideas as you’re driving.

Salt and pepper shaker stand

For hate waste, this is a very interesting idea: Use your old cell phone case to hold salt and pepper shakers on the table or counter. No more mess on the table; when salt and pepper leak out of the holders, simply take the case to the sink and empty it out. His idea is very special, if you are a wooden phone again.

Old cell phone cases can be used to hold other items that can make a mess at the table, including toothpicks, wrappers, votive candles and/or spent matches (make sure any matches are completely extinguished before you set them down).

Desktop picture or mirror frame

If your plastic mobile phone design is very interesting, it can also be as a picture or a mirror. Prop the cell phone case on your desk so that people entering your office can see the design. Where your phone used to rest, insert a photograph or mirror. He can be a constant reminder of your loved ones, or check your makeup every day. You can put your favorite work of art, so maybe it can give you some inspiration.

Craft center

Do you or your children enjoy painting? Instead of grabbing a palette the next time someone wants to paint, squeeze paint into an old cell phone case. If your tape has a vacancy, so in this side wall will prevent leaking paint to the table for you.  when they aren’t in use and know the brushes won’t get dirty ,You can also rest wet brushes on cell phone cases.

Hard plastic cell phone cases can be used to contain other art items as well. Set jars of glitter or glue on them so the contents can’t fall on the table. Put jewels or other embellishments in the small trays so they won’t get scattered all over the table.

Waterproof pouch

If you’ve ever taken a long rafting or kayaking trip, you probably packed your belongings in a dry bag. A waterproof pouch for a cell phone is essentially the same thing (only nicer). you can see your smartphone because  Good quality waterproof pouches have a clear panel in the front so. If you want to talk or surf the web,you will easy to pull it out through the top of the zipper pouch. And  you should put it in the bag knowing which it will do a good job of keeping our water and dust when you want to protect your device.

Waterproof pouches are very affordable and attractive. Some come with lanyards so you can keep them around your neck when you aren’t using them. The lanyards also Make them like a small gift a purse on the chair.

Cell phone case is not convenient is that you get a new cell phone at the same time you also want to change a mobile phone models, but the difference is most of waterproof bag can hold all of the mobile phone, which means you can use one with your Samsung Galaxy S7 and whatever you buy next. Another added bonus with most waterproof pouches is that you can throw other small items, like credit cards or keys, in the bag with your smartphone.

Cell phone wallet cases are stylish and attractive


 Cell phone wallet cases is very attractive
sticking out of a card from smart phone case isolated on white

You can easily protect the cell phone cover When you are using a mobile phone purse you can easily protect the cell phone cover. They come in a variety of styles and patterns. Many are made of leather or a synthetic material that’s similar to leather. You can get them in a wide range of colors; Some design, art is not the same, they will be printed in quilting. If you’re going to put a lot of things, you will feel very convenient.It’s a cell phone case brands.

Give your cell phone case an upgrade and keep using it

If the issue isn’t that you got a new cell phone but that you’re tired of your old cell phone cover, there are many ways to give your case an upgrade.Not only you can buy some of your favorite small decoration and glue them on,but also You can cut in magazines or newspapers do you like the images or text.