Apple Investigate a Problem Affect iPhone 7 That Cause Phone Lose Cellular Access After Tun off Airplane Mode

After turns off Airplane Mode in iPhone 7 and 7 Plus , devices lose cellular access.

As a stopgap, the company is telling authorized service providers to recommend owners reboot their iPhones. Should that fail, Apple is suggesting that people re-insert their SIM cards, though it may be willing to replace iPhones in some cases.

Complaints about the problem are growing. A reader noted that his AT&T-based iPhone 7 went into “no service” mode nine times on Sunday, and that the carrier’s support staff said they’re getting a number of similar calls. A support representative suggested that the issue may be attributable to the iPhone 7’s SIM tray, which could be allowing cards to shift enough to lose contact.

The glitch is the second discovered with the iPhone 7. Some models are generating a hissing sound when handling processor-heavy tasks, though there don’t appear to be any other negative consequences.