Apple MacBook Pro 2016 weeklong review: New hardware changes are radical

The ultimate computing device? It’s a tough one the best you can say the most expensive must be the greatest. But there are some brands that have almost become devices for most users, especially those that really charge tax demands from their computers. Apple’s MacBook Pro has a lot of high-end users of the preferred device. MacBook Pro has been upgraded, Apple added a more pure strength and muscle.

Day 1: Design and Display

The 2016 MacBook Pro is no regular upgrade. It ushers in some radical design changes. On top, the older MacBook Air, and below the new MacBook Pro.
A comparison of the old MacBook Air on top, which is bigger than the new MacBook Pro.

The 2016 MacBook Pro is no regular upgrade. It ushers in some radical design changes. To start with the MacBook Pro 13, which I’m reviewing, is thinner and smaller than my 2015 MacBook Air. That is quite an achievement given that the MacBook Air itself is such a thin and sleek device.

The other radical change is the charging port. Now, the MacBook Pro has four Thunderbolt 3 ports, all of which can help charge the device and transfer data. But there is no dedicated charging port like earlier Macs. So there is no time spent on figuring out where to plug the charger. The USB Type-C cable will plug into any of these ports to charge the Mac, transfer data or power a 4K monitor with video output. While this new feature is a convenience, households with multiple MacBooks will no longer be able to share chargers like before.

However, there is one thing that makes the new MacBook Pro different from other computing devices in the market with TouchID. This is a multi-touch sensitive display that replaces the function keys above the keyboard.

I initially thought this was only possible with a specific application, but the fact is that you can use the band-access add-on feature on anything you’re doing on a Mac; from a frame-by-frame search to a Final Cut Pro multi-tab browsing tour. For more information on this topic, we’ll dig deeper into the next few days.

Macs has traditionally had great vibrant displays, that have given the closest look to what is natural.

Sending my first push to the new Mac, “whiz” to a bang, I was surprised to sweep the whole device from right to left. It was before I set up iTunes and started Apple Music to listen to the radio. Yes, Apple brings the audio quality, making the iPad professional sounds alarming, Mac. This one is better than any other Mac and the sound is also richer and more profound. The speaker is now on both sides of the keyboard with the bottom of the groove, allowing the driver to breathe. However, these trenches are a bit embarrassing when your fingers go down into the laptop. But you can accept such conditions.

There are changes to the keyboard beyond the Touch Bar. The keys now coming with a new butterfly mechanism.


The reason there is a video and photos around the world professionals like to use mac computers. Mac has always had great, energetic performance, trying to make images look as natural as possible. Now, the new MacBook Pro will give it a level, making it brighter, richer and clearer. At 500 nits really bright, you may not need to keep the brightness, unless you are working in the sun. For those working on images and videos, it can not get better.

There are changes outside the keyboard bar. The key is now a new butterfly mechanism. It feels different than my MacBook Air. The response is different, I’m not sure this is a good way. The keys seem to touch the flat end of the trip and send a small kicked finger, which will take some time to adjust. At the same time, the touchpad has become very large and easy to handle. This large touchpad has also been integrated into allowing users to easily take things from one end of the screen to another. Microsoft, you do not always need a touch screen.