Apple Turkey airs three new ‘Shot on iPhone’ ads for Children’s Day

Apple has aired three new commercials in Turkey as part of the country’s Children’s Day celebrations, with the trio of regional spots continuing the ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign filmed by 11-year-old children.

The commercials, published on Apple Turkey’s YouTube page, filmed by children identified as Eren P. and Beliz E., with each video captured on an iPhone 7. Like other videos in the ‘Shot on iPhone ad campaign, the clips all play with a musical soundtrack, before telling viewers it was shot on an iPhone then displaying the Apple logo.

Beliz E.’s first video highlights the slow motion capabilities of the iPhone 7, filming water-filled balloons bouncing after being dropped on a floor, with one balloon bursting. A second ad by Beliz E. is a close-up shot of a rabbit facing the wind, also filmed in slow motion.

The third video, by Eren P., relies on a perspective trick instead of using slow motion to create an interesting effect. It depicts a small person balancing on the head of a sleeping dog, but in fact the person is standing on a box far away from the camera, while the dog is nearer the lens.

National Sovereignty and Children’s Day is a public holiday in Turkey and Northern Cyprus, held on April 23. Traditionally, children occupy important government positions for the day, in some cases signing executive orders relating to educational and environmental policies, with discussions about children’s issues also held in a special session of the Grand National Assembly.

The Children’s Day ads are a continuation of Apple’s long-standing ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign, where interesting videos and photographs taken using the latest-generation iPhone are used to highlight its camera sensor’s image quality and additional features. In February, a new ‘One Night’ advertisement was created to showcase the iPhone 7’s low-light capabilities.

Earlier this year, Apple changed its advertising strategy to focus on digital and regional campaigns, which caused layoffs at its long-time ad partner, TBWA\Media Arts Lab. Rather than using a global campaign that is localized for different markets, Apple is now trying to create advertisements specifically for each region.

An early example of this strategy change is the “Meu Bloco na Rua” commercial in Brazil, which used a carnival theme to promote the iPhone 7 Plus.