Apple TV 4K and tvOS: Rumored A12X version with 64/128GB could be released at any time review

It is not just for video rentals and buys anymore–Apple TV handles just about anything we watch, from House of Cards to Game of Thrones and Major League Baseball games, and now that also contains Apple TV+ articles along with Apple Arcade games.
With an extensive library of apps, Siri support, along with a drop-dead simple interface, Apple TV is one of the most popular players in Apple’s lineup. Just like all those years ago, it is still the apparatus that”completes the narrative” of Apple’s entertainment ecosystem, and despite a few of these bells and whistles of its rivals, Apple TV is still one of the best streaming boxes it is possible to buy–from SD to HD to colorful 4K.
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The latest: Rumored A12X upgrade with 64GB/128GB storage In March, a rumor came from YouTube website iUpdate, who claimed that the forthcoming”Apple TV 6″ could arrive in 64GB and 128GB models. Currently, you can only get the Apple TV from 32GB and 64GB configurations, which seem increasingly limiting in this age of hefty file sizes for films and Apple Arcade games.

Apple TV

IUpdate also asserts the Apple TV could get a new Kids Mode that will enable parents to create a different children account so parents may have some control over the material their children watch. This really is a tvOS 14 attribute, so it would not be restricted to the newest hardware. On a related note, the YouTube stations claimed the Apple TV would be getting its own version of Screen Time, which sounds plausible.
On May 7, 2020, Jon Prosser tipped on Twitter an Apple TV having an A12X processor and 64GB/128GB of storage is”ready to ship” (meaning done with advancement and likely in production ). He couldn’t share a picture due to marks on itsays it”looks like an Apple TV.” No word on if Apple will ship a brand new remote with it or not–the Apple TV remote is largely regarded, even one of Apple’s biggest fans, as a style disaster.
A update in storage is hardly necessary for streaming video apps, but are a welcome change for those who run plenty of different apps, particularly games. The A12X would deliver better performance. Single-core CPU functionality would go up around 25-30percent while multi-core functionality would nearly double, if reviews of this iPad Guru are anything to go by. Graphics performance, too, would roughly double the current Apple TV 4K. This would be great for gaming, however, the Apple TV 4K is already one of the fastest streaming boxes on the market–Apple’s challenge is price, not functionality.