Best Air Case for iPhone 6 and 6S in the world

This situation is almost perfect for the iPhone, at $ 40, which is a damn good deal. Usually, the battery case is so large they are only suitable for special occasions, but do not include this one. I used the early model Innoant air case for about a month, too thin and I might pick it up even if it does not have a battery.

I have never recommended any support for the Indiegogo campaign before, but if you need some battery life that is right, the product cost seems ready.

Innoant’s Air Case is one of a few new super-thin battery cases to hit the market, but it is the best of the two I’ve used so far. It’s a lot more durable than the ThinCharge iPhone case and easier to use, but still maintains an ultra-thin profile, adding only about 3.8mm of thickness to your phone. It also carries a similar-sized battery, at 2,400mAh for iPhone 6S and 2,800mAh for iPhone 6S Plus, more than doubling your capacity. At around $40, or about a third of the $130 price that the ThinCharge case goes for on Amazon, it’s a good deal, too. If you are wondering, Apple’s ugly Smart Battery Case comes with a $100 price tag. After the Air Case’s Indiegogo campaign ends, the price will rise to about $50, which is still very reasonable.
“We were able to bring down the cost in the crowdfunding phase, because there is no middle man involved in the selling process, i.e. no marketing cost, no storage cost and no distribution cost,” Leo Li, chief product designer for Air Case, told Digital Trends.

This is just about the perfect iPhone case, and at $40, it’s a damn good deal. Usually, battery cases are so bulky they’re only good for special occasions, but not this one. I have used an early model of Innoant’s Air Case for about a month now, and it’s so thin, I may have picked it up even if it didn’t have a battery in it.

If you’re interested in getting an Air Case for yourself, then head to the Indiegogo campaign. It is available for the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, and 6S Plus.