Best Cases For Your New Apple Smartphone

Best iPhone 7 Case For Battery Life

If it comes to the battery, there is a brand case for your iphone 7.


The svelte battery case packs an additional 2,525mAh – that’s enough for an extra 27 hours of battery at the push of a button.

It also brings wireless charging to your iPhone 7, so you can plonk the phone down onto one of the charging pads built into the tables in StarBucks and McDonalds to top-up your device wire-free.

Unlike the official Apple battery case, Mophie includes an LED power indicator at the rear of the case.


Mophie has also built-in rubberised support pads on the interior of the case, designed to help it withstand drops and hard falls, complete with raised corners for added protection against scratched and cracked screens.At £89.95, it’s a little pricey – but trust us, you’ll consider it money well-spent the next time your battery indicator flashes up red.

Best iPhone 7 Case For Butterfingers

Griffin’s Survivor Summit case is a surprisingly thin and lightweight, given the amount of protection it claims to provide for your new iPhone 7.

The rugged case is able to withstand drops of up to 10 feet onto concrete without breaking a sweat.

The clear, sealed-shell design is engineered to give your iPhone 7 an IP-55 rating against mud, water and debris to prevent scratches and damage to your phone’s body and screen.


Your iPhone speakers and microphones are sealed inside the case with water-resistant membranes to keep you in touch – no matter how sloppy things get.

The in-built screen protection, which slides in-and-out of position with a nifty catch mechanism, guards the iPhone 7’s multi-touch Retina display against smudges, scratches and more. And it’s fully compatible with the Touch ID scanner in the new Home Button.

Griffin provides one-year of hardware warranty with its rugged Survivor Summit case, which will set you back £39.99.

Best iPhone 7 Case For Design


Apple is known for its sleek, minimalist, modern industrial design. But there’s something great about pairing that stylish, stripped down aesthetic with a homely, old fashioned design.

And that’s exactly what the stunning cases from Pad & Quill do.

The US firm unveiled a beautiful Little Pocket Book case for the iPhone 7 that will give your new smartphone the appearance of a well-thumbed leather notebook.

There are six different colour combinations, each made with a handmade American top-grain leather cover.Baltic Birch wood cradle ensures durable protection for the phone itself – and also carries a lifetime wood warranty.

Open the book-style case and you’ll find five card slots for your ID, debit, credit and travel cards, as well as a pouch for loose notes.

It’s all hand assembled in the USA and will set you back around $79.95 from the Pad & Quill online store. That’s about £65.


Best iPhone 7 Case For Photography

One of the best features of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is the camera system. And this slick new case from OlloClip only enhances that.

The Ollo Case for iPhone 7 is designed to work seamlessly with industry-leading olloclip lens systems, by simply attaching the lens to the top of the device.

Pure protection with no moving parts or need to remove your case.


Simply clip-on one of your OlloClip attaches to enhance your iPhone’s rear and front-facing cameras with a slew of awesome features, including Macro 14X photography, a fisheye lens, or super-wide view, or two-times telephoto.Aside from the compatibility and ease-of-use with the existing OlloClip ecosystem, the case also offers a sturdy scratch-resistant back.

It also has a raised bezel keeps the screen from contacting flat surfaces.

Ollo Case for iPhone 7 starts from £29.99, while the OlloClip camera extensions start from £79.99.

Best iPhone 7 Case For Apple Fans

If you want an Apple case for your new Apple smartphone, there’s one clear choice.

The technology company’s leather cases are a solid choice, with beautiful tanned French leather, that ensures the outside is soft enough to develop a natural patina over time.

On the inside, a micro-fibre lining helps to protect the finish on your iPhone from any unwanted micro-abrasions.


And new for this year, Apple has added machined aluminium buttons that match the finish of your iPhone case to cover the volume rocker and sleep/wake button.There’s a multiple of colours to choose from, but we really recommend the stunning Product one.

It looks brilliant, and with every Product (RED) purchase a portion of the profits will be donated to help the fight against AIDS.