Best iPhone 7 Cases Worth your purchase

Do you need a new iPhone case? After all, the iPhone 7 has almost the same external dimensions compared to the iPhone 6 and 6 s. However, due to changes in the shape of the camera, most iPhone 6 / 6s cases are not suitable for iPhone 7. Another thing to keep in mind? A new case can protect your phone’s TM value. As the edge points out, you will definitely want a reason for your phone if you want to “black” the route. The black finish is easier to catch than the other, so Apple suggests you take the phone case if you want to continue to look primitive.

So what makes the best of the best cell phones? Ultimately, it depends on you. For some people, the best situation is the most protected in the market. For others, this is all about wrapping your phone in a cool, showcase your unique style. For some people, the case does not have some special features or functions not worth having.

Best iPhone 7 Wallet Case: Spigen Slim Armor CS Card Holder Case

Best iPhone 7 Wallet Case

Iphone Wallet Cases  come in a variety of styles. The most common is the folio-style wallet. This style covers the entire phone case. The phone slot is behind the situation while the front flap is wrapped around the screen. Inside the front cover there are usually two to five card space, plus some bills. The drawback of this style of iPhone case is its heavy weight. In addition, there are many cards inside, which may not always be correct. In addition, there may be a fear of the card dawdling into the screen of your device.

A more slim, more fashionable option is the style of the wallet with the back room, like the case of Spigen above. This model has three cards of space (though if one of them is a thick metal credit card, you may feel more comfortable to carry two cards at a time). By two different damping materials, which is a thin, the actual situation is perfect for those who only need to carry ID cards and debit cards when entering the world. Not sure what you like in the sliding style case? We also have Spigen wallet so there are bays to open the bottom. “Paste up the wallet” Smartphone is another option to consider.


Best Rugged & Sturdy iPhone 7 Case: Zizo Bolt Cover With Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Best Rugged & Sturdy iPhone 7 Case

Want a case that really stands out? This cool case from Zizo is definitely going to get you noticed. The unique spiral design on the rear of the case makes it easy to keep a grip on your phone, even under suboptimal conditions.

A case that comes with a screen protector provides additional protection for your device. While it’s true you could simply buy an iPhone 7 screen protector and use it with a case that doesn’t come with a screen protector of its own, that can be tricky. You’ll want to strike a balance between case design and screen protector size. In some cases, a screen protector may be too thick to work with a case that wraps around the edge of your screen. A case that comes with it’s own paired screen protector eliminates the guesswork of shopping for a screen protector that will be just right.

The bold colors make it easy to find your phone if you drop it, and the fact that this case has been certified to meet Military Grade 810-G Drop Test specifications is the icing on the cake. We also love the rugged screen protector, which gives great peace of mind to the accident prone. This style offers a lot of protection at a reasonable price. If you’re not sold on this unique case.

According to GCN, phones that meet Military Grade 810-G standards are generally dropped from a height of four feet. If you work on ladders or on construction sites where your phone might drop from a greater height, you may want to check out Speck’s new Presidio Grip iPhone 7 case, which has been drop tested from heights of 10 feet.

Best Cool iPhone 7 Case: iFace Duo Series iPhone 7 Case With Magnetic Air Vent Car Mount

Best Cool iPhone 7 Case

Looking for a case that’s more than just a case? This model from iFace is a case that comes bundled with a magnetic car vent mount, so you can easily position your phone for talking or GPS while driving. The shape of the case is slightly curved, which makes it comfortable in the hand. We also love that the Duo Mount can also be used as a kickstand, with a whopping 24 different viewing angles to choose from. If you’re the kind of person that prefers an iPhone case with some kind of added functionality, this is a great option for those that spend a lot of time in the car.