This brilliant iPhone case discreetly doubles as a vape

iphone case

Ever wish your iPhone’s case did a little more to earn its keep? Look no further than the VQ Vape Starter Kit.

This handy gadget is compatible with iPhone 6, 6S, and 7 models, and is not only designed to keep your precious hardware safe … but also includes a built-in VQ vape stick and charger. The vape slots into your case to charge up at a moment’s notice, and will stay powered for days before you need to recharge the case itself.

This means that you can get a quick vape liquid or wax any time you want it without worrying about charging blocks or dragging a bunch of extra stuff.

It’s the multifunctional case your phone needs — and deserves. Grab the VQ Vape Starter Kit for $69.99 from the Daily Dot store — that’s reduced from the original price of $99.99.