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  • Tech21 cock-a-hoop over snazzy Chinese New Year iPhone case


    2017 is the Chinese ‘Year of the Rooster’, and Tech21 is crowing loudly over its nifty new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus case design by ‘eminent Chinese pop artist’ Jacky Tsai. If you’ve got an iPhone 6, 6s, 7 or the respective Plus versions, and you want to add some Chinese New Year flair to […]

  • The best iPhone 7 cases for every type of person

    best iPhone 7 cases

    This is the best iPhone 7 cases you can buy. These amazing iPhone 7 cases will protect your new iPhone from scratches, drops and water more than the iPhone 7 can be handled separately from prolonged exposure. Apple will make every effort to talk about how beautiful the new iPhone 7 colors and iPhone 7 […]

  • Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid 2 for iPhone 7/7 Plus


    Spigen is launching an updated version of its Ultra Hybrid case for iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, this time around introducing a number of new features to improve what was already one of its most popular cases for the new iPhone models. Spigen has always maintained all the features that make the original popular, […]

  • Mophie’s new battery case kept my iPhone 7 Plus alive for over 30 hours

    iPhone 7 plus case

    I put the case of smart phone batteries, because most of them nearly 10 years. Even during the initial iPhone days I was more concerned with slim design strategies for mobile phones. Last year I tried a dynamic bag of juice for the iPhone 6plus, and I felt the depth. Dynamic recently sent me a […]

  • Slim battery case for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus


    Whether you have an iPhone, a Samsung cell phone, an LG cell phone, an HTC cell phone or other smartphone, we all have the same main complaint about our smartphone: we want the battery to last longer. Battery life has generally improved over the past few years, and to a large extent, smartphones are already […]

  • Lumee Duo is the most lit case for Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus

    Kim Kardashian's favorite iPhone case

    Lumee, the creator of Kim Kardashian’s favorite iPhone, knows the great tips of selfies for good lighting. The company has improved their latest models more built-in lamps than ever before. The Lumee dual-core case has built-in LED lights that help to illuminate your photos before and after, whether it’s a problem or a set of […]

  • ExoLens Case With Zeiss Lenses for Your iPhone 7

    ExoLens Case

    ExoLens iPhone protection case, compatible with the range of Zeiss lenses, has just announced a new iPhone reason 7 in the iPhone C.E.S. brings professional lens, and even more protection. The new iPhone 7 protection will be used to purchase in the first quarter of 2017, although the price has not been announced. Exolens sells […]

  • Best iPhone 7 Cases and Covers In 2017 Reviews

    ESR iPhone 7 Hybrid Protective Case

    I’m sure you will not worry about using your iPhone nude. You will find a cover to buy your new iPhone. Here we have shared the top ten best iPhone 7 covers and cases. I hope you can find the most suitable for you here. With the development of technology, mobile phones are becoming increasingly […]

  • Mous Limitless iPhone case: Fashionably sturdy & functional

    When the London “Fashion Technology” memo hit me to see it in the new iPhone infinite case, I said of course, but expect more style than the material. I have to admit that this case is both nice and solid guardian of your Apple smartphone. A few years ago began producing a funky design and […]

  • Best iphone 7 cases for protection

    Mozo Wood iPhone 7 Case

    Mozo Wood iPhone 7 Case The Mozo Wood iPhone 7 case looks great, feels amazing and is just $25 The back of this case is made from real wood and you can feel the grain. This version is made with Black Walnut, which looks stunning on the Jet Black iPhone 7. Mozo’s wood iPhone 7 […]