Cheap Apple cases for iPhone 6, 6S and 7

Apple-cases for-iPhone-7

We all know that Cheap Apple cases is very necessary. Although the price tag is getting bigger and bigger, more advanced technology, iphone become more and more refined. A simple drop of water or slippery to a hard floor may mean a huge repair fee, or worse, the end of your iPhone. Although the iPhone 7 is waterproof, it is still not waterproof.

This is the case of the apple. Clear or colored waterproof or declining evidence, they all have a role in keeping your iPhone safe.

But if you blow your budget to buy new equipment, you may not have much spare cash to spare in the case of an apple. The good news is that there are a lot of cases to protect Apple, the cost is less than $ 20.

Ghostek Cloak: $19.88 for iPhone 6/6SApple-cases for-iPhone-7


Protection: Many people think that clear Apple cases don’t offer as much protection as other case types, but the Cloak proves otherwise. Its main feature to keep your iPhone 6 or 6S safe is the aluminum alloy metallic bumper. This is a metal frame that surrounds your iPhone, and will take the impact of a drop against the ground, so that your iPhone won’t have to.

The clear back cover is made from TPU gel, a shock absorbing material that disperses harmful vibrations away from your expensive phone.

And to round off the protection, a 9H hardness 0.33mm thickness tempered glass screen protector is included in the package.

Colors: The back cover is always transparent, but you can pick your own metallic bumper color – gold, pink, red, silver or space grey.

Ghostek Cloak 2.0: $19.98 for iPhone 7Apple-cases for-iPhone-7


The Cloak was a big hit for Ghostek on the iPhone 6/6S, so they decided to release an updated version for the iPhone 7.

Protection: A thick aluminum frame is the protective method of choice again. These metallic bumpers are one of the best heavy duty features a phone case can have for drop protection. Not only are they super strong, they also are slimline and sleek, not bulking up your phone too much. In this case, the explosion proof screen protector, aluminum frame and TPU layers work together to keep your iPhone 7 safe from drops.

Colors: You can pick from black, gold, teal, silver, red or pink.

Punkcase Lucid 2.0: $19.89 for iPhone 7Punkcase-Lucid-2.0-19.89-for-iPhone-7


Protection: A reinforced bumper surrounds the edges and corners of your iPhone 7. The back bumper is made from shock absorbent TPU, while a scratch proof, touch sensitive screen protector will keep your display in tip top condition.

Colors: This is the only one of the Apple cases on this list to offer a 100% clear version, with a clear back cover and a clear bumper. Alternatively, you can pick your bumper color from black, blue, pink, white, teal, purple, crystal black or crystal pink.

Punkcase Lucid: $14.98 for iPhone 7, $14.98 for iPhone 6/6SPunkcase-Lucid-14.98-for-iPhone-7-14.98-for-iPhone-66S


This is a clear, card holding case that looks great and keeps your iPhone safe from damage.

Protection: Screen protection and TPU construction work together with the bumper to protect your iPhone from the damage that drops can bring.

Colors: Gold, black, silver, or rose gold

Ghostek Atomic: $19.89 for iPhone 6Ghostek-Atomic-19.89-for-iPhone-6

Waterproof cases can be very expensive, but we’ve managed to track one down for less than $20.

Protection: The Atomic is the only one of these Apple cases to offer air tight protection. The advanced sealing method used in its construction makes it totally waterproof. Not only that, it can block out snow, ice, sand, mud, and just about anything else nature can throw at it. It’s also drop proof.

Colors: Pick from black, bright teal, white, green, pink or purple.

Punkcase Galactic: $9.98 for iPhone 6/6SPunkcase-Galactic-9.98-for-iPhone-66S

The cheapest of the Apple cases on this list, the Galactic is a straightforward, multilayered protective case that offers excellent value for money.

Protection: The Galactic protects your iPhone 6 or 6S with multiple layers of protection. First you have the hard polycarbonate back case. Next comes a TPU layer which doubles up as a protective bumper. Then finally comes the tempered glass screen protector, 9H quality. This is more than enough protection for your iPhone to resist some serious knocks and bumps.

Colors: We love the slightly glittering textured effect on the back case. Pick from black, gold, pink, rose gold or silver.