CM4 Q Card Case for the Apple iPhone 7 Plus

In order to go without a wallet, I need to carry my commuter card, office access card, and ID while using Apple Pay for mobile payments. The CM4 Q Card Case lets you carry three cards in the back pocket without adding much bulk to protect your iPhone 7 Plus.

The CM4 Q Card Case is a one piece case constructed of soft touch rubber material. You simply insert your iPhone 7 Plus into the case and make sure all sides are covering your phone. There are openings for the cameras and flash, Lightning port, bottom speaker, and ringer switch.


As you can see in the photo, the back frame is quite substantial and helps protect your iPhone 7 Plus from accidental drops. All four corners are covered too so there is some protection there as well. The rubber material rises above the display just a bit so that you can rest your iPhone face down on a table and have the display not touch the table.


You’ll find extra texture on both sides of the band to help improve your ability to keep your iPhone still in your hand so it slides easily into the pocket.

You will find plenty of open cameras and flash on the back of your photos and videos without compromising. In the lower case there is a three-quarters of the pockets of fabric material to hold three cards and some cash.


The first few days you may think that only two cards can fit, but the fabric material will stick out a little over three cards and fold cash. While Apple pays for most of the stores, I still like to carry a $ 20 bill with emergency cash.

Many of us use our iphone to watch media content and working documents. There is a small slot in the rubber material, the right side of the credit card pocket, which is designed for you to insert a card, and then use the card to support your iPhone 7plus. Horizontal or vertical to your card, you can have two perspectives on the media.