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iPhone has never had space for an internal second SIM card unlike its rivals, so using dual-SIM requires you to buy hardware. Being able to use two SIM cards can be helpful when you’re travelling or wanting to differentiate work and personal life.

One Bluetooth dual-SIM card adapter compatible with iPhone is the NeeCoo Magic Card. It syncs a second Micro SIM card to your iPhone. You can call, message and take photos from the second Micro SIM. It connects to your iPhone Bluetooth up to 10 metres away.

To do this you need to download the MoreCard app free from the App Store first.

The NeeCoo Magic Card can be bough from GearBest for £29.99, with free shipping to the UK.

We show you how to use it with your iPhone.

But first, there are a few things to check to make sure your iPhone is compatible.

How to add a second SIM to iPhone: Check your phone is compatible

Your iOS Bluetooth needs to be 4.0 or up. Therefore the NeeCoo Magic Card only works with 4S or later.

Your iOS version needs to be 7.0 or up.

You need to have internet connection and access to the App Store.

The NeeCoo Magic Card only takes Micro SIM cards.

TO NOTE: The MoreCard app supports third party accounts with Phone No., Wechat, QQ, Sina Weibo.

How to add a second SIM to iPhone: How the NeeCoo Magic Card works

The device measures 85x54x4mm, easiling slipping into your pocket or wallet when you’re abroad.

The device has network bands GSM850MHz, EGSM900MHZ, DCS1800MHz and PCS1900MHZ. This means you can call, text, take photos and have access to your iPhone contact list, but bear in mind you can’t use data.

The NeeCoo Magic Card has a rechargeable battery, so make sure it’s fully charged before using it for the first time. It comes with a USB charger.

The 380mAh battery lasts for three hours talktime, or 80 hours standby.

How to add a second SIM to iPhone: Download More Card, insert SIM

To use a second SIM on your iPhone with the NeeCoo Magic Card, you need to first download MoreCard from the App Store for free.

Tap Allow to let the app access your notifications, contacts, microphone and Bluetooth connection.


Now turn your iPhone Bluetooth on. Go to your iPhone Settings and tap Bluetooth.

Before turning on the NeeCoo Magic Card device, insert a Micro SIM card into the card slot you can see in the below picture.


Long-press the button next to the Micro SIM card slot to turn the device on.

You should see green and red LED lights on the side of the device flash. This means it’s ready to pair to your iPhone Bluetooth.

How to add a second SIM to iPhone: Pairing iPhone and NeeCoo Magic Card using MoreCard

Open up the MoreCard app on your iPhone.

Go to Settings, then tap Device.


It will automatically search for the Binding Device. The name Neecoo_Me2_34CO should appear.

Tap the device name, and then you will be asked for a password.

Type the default password 0000.

It should take you to the MoreCard Settings.

If the SIM card is successfully registered to the network, a green LED light on the device will flash slowly, and the carriers name will be displayed on the top of your screen.

You can now use the second SIM to call, message and take photos, with access to your iPhone contacts.

You can choose to unbind the device at any time.

How to add a second SIM to iPhone: What to do if the connection doesn’t work

If the NeeCoo Magic Card doesn’t auto connect to your iPhone, close the MoreCard app and reopen it again.

Make sure your iPhone Bluetooth is turned on.

If the SIM card failed to register to a network the green LED light will flash rapidly on the device and the carrier’s name won’t appear on your iPhone screen.

Unplug and re-insert the Micro SIM card into the device and turn the device off and on to retry.