EA Lays Out Plans for Three Months of ‘Titanfall 2’ DLC, with More to Come

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With Titanfall 2 content expected to drop continuously throughout the year, it’s feasible to see a path towards Titanfall 3.

EA has revealed its April to June DLC plans for Titanfall 2. In a blog post in the Frontier News Network series, we learned that players can expect a steady stream of content in the coming months.

Two new general multiplayer maps — Glitch and Relic — will be added to the critically acclaimed first person shooter. Additionally, two Live Fire maps — the constrained venues featuring six vs. six pilot combat and lightning fast one-minute rounds — will arrive. As was the case for all other maps released since the game’s November launch, the four new maps will be free for all players. Unlike many other first person shooters, Titanfall 2 launched without a season pass, and Respawn assured that all gameplay-oriented post-launch content would be free for all players.

Perhaps more exciting is that Respawn will bring a new Titan into the fray before the end of June. The Titan’s identity and skill set is currently “classified,” but this marks the first time that players will receive a post-launch Titan buddy. The yet-to-be-named Titan will also be part of a free content drop.

Both Tone and Ronin will finally receive their Prime Titan iterations. Like other Prime Titans, Prime Tone and Prime Ronin are likely to cost $5. They offer purely cosmetic updates that revamp their suit and sound effects.

Players can also expect a slew of additional features to come to Titanfall 2 in the next couple of months, too. The Gen level cap will be raised to 100, and a new faction will be added, as well as a new game mode called “Marked for Death.” Live Fire and Coliseum will be selectable in private matches, and a new batch of Pilot executions is on the horizon.

Although EA has not confirmed exactly when the new content will arrive, a previous blog post indicated that a DLC pack titled A Glitch in the Frontier is set to release in April. With its name, we can expect that the Glitch multiplayer map will be featured.

Respawn has also promised that it isn’t done adding new content to Titanfall 2 after June, which is great news for its dedicated player base. The big question that fans want answered, though, is whether there will be future installments of the stellar first person shooter?

A potential “Titanfall 3″ hasn’t been announced yet, but Respawn has hinted that they it is always experimenting with “future Titanfall projects.” Shortly after Titanfall 2 launched, Respawn CEO Vince Zampella claimed that while the game was critically acclaimed, the studio couldn’t definitively state if there would be a third entry in the main series. However, series publisher EA has said that the series will carry on “for many, many years to come.” And EA’s commitment to the franchise seems to be undeterred by lower than expected sales for Titanfall 2.

Respawn is also currently working on an untitled third-person action/adventure game set in the Star Wars universe.