ExoLens Case With Zeiss Lenses for Your iPhone 7

ExoLens iPhone protection case, compatible with the range of Zeiss lenses, has just announced a new iPhone reason 7 in the iPhone C.E.S. brings professional lens, and even more protection. The new iPhone 7 protection will be used to purchase in the first quarter of 2017, although the price has not been announced. Exolens sells a range of Zeiss telephoto, macro and wide-angle lenses, ranging in price from $ 150 to $ 150. Not only is it designed to prevent the iPhone 7 from crashing and scratches, it will also be compatible with all professional Zeiss lenses and upcoming ExoLens’ glasses for the iPhone 7.

ExoLens Case

ExoLens for the iPhone design of the bracket, will allow users to leave the lens with the Zeiss situation. For those of us who are looking for high-quality enhancements to our iPhone camera, this is a good investment. An ExoLens representative said the new accessory is an “ultra-durable bilayer” created with impact resistant materials and designed to be slim and low profile.

“After launching our line of ZEISS ExoLens mobile photography solutions earlier this year, consumers told us that they loved the mobile photography lenses, but also expressed a desire for a solution that protected their iPhone, while still providing the lens attachment capability… The new ExoLens Case will provide the ability for users to seamlessly utilize our visually enhancing lenses, but the case will also shield the individuals iPhone from everyday drops and scratches at the same time.”

– John Fellowes, Chief Executive Officer of Fellowes Brands.