Explore More Tent Trailer Camping Possibilities with Journey Base Camp

Why it matters to you

Off-road tent camping looks better than ever with Freespirit Recreation’s Journey Basecamp trailer and tent package.

If your idea of tent camping extends beyond what you carry strapped to your backpack, variations abound. Freespirit Recreation’s Journey Basecamp Package combines a rugged off-road trailer with a trailer tent. The combination gives you spacious accommodations you can take off-road without needing to break the tent down every time you want to drive off, as is the case with rooftop tents.

You can’t pull most pop-up tent trailer campers off road with you, especially larger models such as Rockwood’s 28-foot High Wall series. However, Freespirit Recreation’s trailers are built to be pulled wherever your off-road vehicle takes you.

Part of the joy of the Journey Basecamp Package is it uses none of the trailer’s 45-cubic foot interior storage space, which is accessible by three lockable doors. The ruggedly built trailer features four corner stabilizer leveling jacks. Because the tent is permanently mounted to the trailer top, you can’t add roof racks or other exterior accessories. You can, however, store soft gear like sleeping bags, pillows, and folding camp furniture on top of the tent under an expandable PVC cover that’s included in the package.

Perhaps most impressive is the fact it requires just one person to erect the Basecamp tent. Because part of the tent attaches to the trailer, you don’t need a second person to hold on while making sure the corners are tight.

The tent interior includes a main room with its floor on the ground and a bunk room on the trailer top, with space for a queen size aero-bed. Screened windows with zippered interior clear PVC and exterior roll-up storm flaps give you options for ventilation, light, and privacy. The bunk room also features a zip-up privacy wall. Additionally, the package includes a step stool to get into the bunk room and to help with set up and cleaning.

The Journey Basecamp Package lists for $7,470. Separately, the Journey trailer with highway sport package costs $6,395 and the Base Camp Trailer Tent is $1,995, so the Journey Basecamp Package saves $920. Buyers also have the option of spending this saved money on an optional awning for $295, annex (an extra room) for $450, or the awning and annex together for $550 — an additional $195 savings. Other Freespirit Recreation options include lighting, power packs, camping furniture, and more.