GEAR4 launches rugged ‘Buckingham’ flip case for Apple iPad

While Tablet PCs may not be as popular as they are now a few years ago, they are still completely related to the device. Even on the big screen smartphone gets popular, some consumers still enjoy having a tablet PC. For example, my iPhone 6 s +, but I absolutely adore my iPad mini 4, every day my Apple Tablet PC is used.

If you are proud to have an Apple iPad, you want to protect it, there are countless cases available. Today, GEAR4 announces another, hoping it can catch some attention in crowded markets. Rough “Buckingham” flip example for iPad Mini 4, Air 2, Pro 9.7 and 12.9.

“GEAR4 today launches in the United States its new Buckingham iPad TPU flip case range, featuring D3O — the most advanced shock absorbing technology for enhanced impact protection. The Buckingham case, linked to GEAR4’s British roots, combines modern forms and materials to deliver the ultimate combination of sleek protection. The case is available for iPad mini 4, Air2/Pro 9.7 inch and Pro 12.9 inch” says the company.

GEAR4 further explains, “D3O has a unique molecular structure. In standard conditions, the molecules flow freely allowing the material to remain soft and flexible, but upon impact, they lock together to absorb and dissipate the impact energy. This means your device stays safe when dropped. GEAR4 is the first to use an injection molded grade of D3O technology to deliver more impact protection than other leading materials.”


If you are interested in buying the GEAR4 “Buckingham” case for iPad, you can get it today. Pricing starts at $59.99 for the iPad mini 4 variant, while the bigger models are $69.99. It is only available in black, but there are three trims from which to choose — blue, orange, and grey.