GoPro TradeUp offers $100 rebate on Hero5 Black with trade-in of older model, even broken

Sports camera producer GoPro has launched its first trade-in program that allows customers to exchange their older GoPro Hero cameras, even damaged or broken ones, for a $50 or $100 discount on the latest iPhone-connected models. Owners of early-model GoPro cameras are most likely to see the largest benefit from the promotion.

For a limited time starting from Tuesday, existing GoPro owners can sign up through the Trade-Up website, selecting their new camera from a choice of two model, with each offering a different discount. Participants can get $100 off the $399.99 Hero5 Black or $50 off the $299.99 Hero5 Session, bringing the prices down to $299.99 and $249.99 respectively.

Instructions are then provided to customers to send their camera back to GoPro for free, with the discounted replacement shipped out once the old camera has arrived at the manufacturer. Returned cameras will apparently be recycled responsibly, via “zero landfill and recycling methods appropriate to material type.”

Unusually for a trade-in program, GoPro is providing the full discount value regardless of whether the camera sent to them is functional or not, potentially making it a better deal than quotes offered by trade-in sites for broken devices. The website declares “Dented, dinged, destroyed? No problem, we’ll take it in any condition,” while the terms and conditions of the offer doesn’t mention any reduction in discount for damaged goods.

The program may be attractive to those looking to upgrade their action camera to the newer models, but there is a possibility that a better deal can be gained elsewhere. Searches on eBay show numerous Hero 4 and Hero 3+ cameras selling for more than $100, suggesting those with still-functional newer models may want to auction their current camera off for more cash.

Trade-in sites are also a similar story, with newer models able to be sold for more than the offered discount. While trade-in quote values drop dramatically for broken or damaged items for every model, it is possible to meet or get close to the $100 discount’s value for functional hardware, for the Hero 3 Plus and Hero 4 ranges.

In the case of damaged GoPro cameras and very old models, it is almost certainly better to use it towards getting the discount than to accept a very low offer from a trade-in site.

It also helps to shop around trade-in services, as quotes from one may be higher for some models on one site, while another may offer a better deal for a different camera. For example, AppleInsider partner BuyBackWorld is able to offer more than NextWorth on a number of Hero 2 models, such as the Hero 2 Motorsports Edition’s $34 quote for a camera in average condition.

BuyBackWorld is also currently offering a $10 bonus on GoPro trades valued at over $50 with exclusive promo code APPLEINSIDER10, which could make trading in through the site more attractive than going through GoPro itself, if the value of the traded-in camera just hits $50 and the customer wants to acquire the Hero5 Session.

The Hero5 Black and Session debuted last fall alongside the Karma drone and Karma Grip stabilizer accessories. All of the devices offer integration with Apple’s iOS platform, including the ability to control, view and edit footage from a connected iPhone or iPad.

GoPro also offers the Quik desktop app for Apple’s macOS as a free download, enabling users to import footage to their Mac and even view metrics from their activities, such as speed, height, and distance.