Tell You How to watch Sky Go

You can get Sky Go on iOS, Android and Amazon appstore, so it’s compatible with plenty of devices. For a full list see See also: Sky Now box release date and price Sky Go is a great free app that allows Sky TV subscribers to watch their favourite shows on the move. Here’s how to watch Sky Go. Read: Best Sky Movies on demand 2016.

How to watch Sky Go: before you start

You will need a compatible handset on which the Sky Go app is installed. You’ll also need to be in the UK or Ireland for the app to work. Finally, you need a robust web connection – Sky recommends a minimum continuous bandwidth of 500Kb/s to access high quality streams, but we’ve found you can get watchable content at just about any connectivity so long as you are not moving around too much, and not too far from a Wi-Fi hotspot or router

Sky Go works well over 3G and 4G, but it will gobble up your data allowance, so we recommend using it principally via Wi-Fi. To this end Sky has added a Network Preferences best replica watchesfeature that allows users to enable and disable their use of 3G data in the Sky Go app. Go to ‘Menu > Settings > Network Preferences’ in order to enable or disable streaming over 3G.

It’s also worth pointing out that Sky Go doesn’t work on rooted handsets. Don’t ask us why, it’s just the way it is. Also, bear in mind that you can’t attach your phone or tablet to a TV (or use AirPlay) to watch programmes on the big screen. Sky doesn’t want you doing that as it can sell you an extra Sky box if you want to do that.

How to watch Sky Go: sign in, stream live

When you open the app, click the settings button in the top righthand corner, then select ‘Sign in’. You’ll need a Sky iD username and password, which you can set up at – be sure to associate your username with your Sky TV account.

Using Sky Go is free for all Sky TV subscribers – you can watch everything for which you pay on your TV, on your mobile device. Be warned, however, you are allowed to register only two devices at any one time. If you want to change devices you have to go on to the Sky website and de-register one before you can log in on a new device, and you can only make the change once per month.

Once you’ve signed in, simply browse through the available programs and select what you want to watch. For the first few seconds of streaming Sky Go tests your bandwidth so it can offer a stable stream. Tap the screen to access in-play options play/pause.

And that, really, is that. Other options under Settings allow you to manage your devices and set Parental Controls.

How to watch Sky Go: On Demand

The way we watch TV has changed, of course. As well as watching on the move, we increasingly watch TV programs when we want to, rather than when they are scheduled. Sky Go caters for this, with a decent selection of programs you can watch on Demand. To access these, simply hit the ‘Sky’ logo at the top of every interface, and select ‘On Demand’ rather than ‘On Now’. This section works in much the same way as the live TV does – you browse to find a program you wish to watch, then hit play.

How to watch Sky Go: Download, watch offline (even abroad)

Although you’ll see a Download button next to Watch Now, you’ll need a subscription to Sky Go Extra which allows downloading. If you haven’t already done so, you can sign up for a free two-month trial.

With Sky Go Extra, you can download shows and movies via Wi-Fi and then watch them offline, even in a different country.