The iPhone 7 case boosts your phone’s photos and battery life

Add-on lenses and battery packs are common purchases for photographers pushing the most out of their smartphone cameras, but a company called Moment is combining the two into a single accessory for the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

The phone attachment maker has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Moment Battery Photo Case – a power pack with a socket compatible with its line of smartphone photo lenses, furthering the already-impressive camera capabilities of Apple’s smartphone.

The Moment Battery Photo Case sports a 3500 mAh capacity for the iPhone 7 Plus version and a 2500 mAh for the iPhone 7 model, meaning users should easily get a full recharge from the add-on pack.

The case also has a Lightning connector-powered shutter button on the side, allowing a more tactile way to shoot steady photos without thumbing an awkwardly placed volume slider or touchscreen button. You can also alter the Battery Photo Case’s charge settings using the official Moment app.

That isn’t the only photography enhancer Moment is currently crowdfunding, as those more interested in the company’s lenses than the extra juice can also back a battery-less Photo Case (pictured above) for the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

iPhone 7 caseFor those of the iPhone 7plus, the mass fundraiser working under the standard 12 mp wide-angle camera and the secondary 12 mp telephoto camera + dual camera set was also introduced.

If you put the Kickstarter, you can choose the question as well as the choice of glasses, belts, and other accessories that depend on your level of contribution.

You can enter the battery photo at the lowest level of supporter for $ 79 (around £ 60/100) and the expected retail price is $ 99 (around £ 80/80). Support for the regular photo case is worth only $ 25 (about £ 20 / AU $ 30) and will retail for $ 30 (about £ 25 / AU $ 40) after launch. Early supporters can also save an additional $ 10 and $ 5 respectively, although these floors are limited in the number of tickets available.

If you are motivating the fund’s case, we recommend that you act as quickly as possible until the time of April 8 to reach the $ 500,000 target. Kickstarter is available to customers outside the United States, but they will have to pay any applicable transportation and import charges in advance.