For Christmas, we brought the boys new phones- iPhone 6/6s smartphones as their “big” Christmas present. When it comes to kids and phones (well, probably adults too), they need cases to endure “BOY” stuff.

“Boy Stuff” includes:

  1. The phone is falling out of pockets while they play basketball.
  2. The phone is dropping to the ground as they ride their bicycles.
  3. The phone being stepped on.
  4. The phone getting dropped into the toilet or swimming pool.
  5. The phone being dropped in the mud.
  6. The phone enduring dirty, sticky hands.
  7. The phone enduring spills like milk, Nutella, jelly, ketchup and more!

This list could easily go on and on. As much as I tell the boys to leave their phones on their desk while they go outside and play, etc., it doesn’t always happen.

Instead of leaving their phones to “boy fate”, I look for the BEST iPhone case. When we gave them new phones for Christmas, we also gave them decent cases. However, one of the twin’s phones dropped (after a few times), I noticed it now has several cracks on it. Thankfully we have insurance on our phones, but having a superb phone case would have prevented these issues.


Today I’m excited to learn and share with you all about a new iPhone case on the market. It’s called a uniVERSE case for iPhone 6/6s & iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus (colors: black and snow-capped).

Here are a few features I like about the endless possibilities in this case:

  • Ultra-slim: thin profile follows your phone’s precision lines
  • Removable accent plate: slides off so you can mount modules
  • Sleek design: slips easily in and out of pockets and purses
  • Screen bumper: raised, beveled edge helps protect the touchscreen
  • Easy installation: one-piece case slips on and off your device in a flash
  • OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection

This uniVERSE case also works with swappable modules (these are sold separately at Best Buy). You can make your phone a pro camera, sound system register and more!!


Otter Modules that you can purchase at Best Buy:

  •  Square contactless & chip reader (accept credit cards on the go while your phone stays protected)
  • Olloclip (4-in-1 lens kit)
  • Polar Pro (power pack battery module)
  • Seek Thermal (thermal camera)
  • Steelie (vent mount for your car)
  • Sandisk (flash drive)

This case is MORE than just a case; it’s a whole system with many options for your smart phone!

Expand your phone’s features with the OtterBox uniVERSE Case System. The universe case features a slotted rail under its removable accent plate, letting you securely attach and swap powerful modules like camera lenses, card readers, batteries, speakers and more — without removing your case. OtterBox partnered with the world’s leading consumer electronic brands to create an entirely new platform. With the uniVERSE Case System, you get the specialized capabilities of our module partners — backed by trusted OtterBox protection

Sounds kind of cool, right? You can get more information about the OtterBox uniVERSE Case System by going to their website.

I’m looking forward to upgrading the boys’ phone cases to better and more durable cases. Your smart phone is only as safe as the type of case you put on it to protect!