This iPhone case is sharp enough for a samurai

Maybe you start with bristles when the price of the iPhone is more than $ 40 for quality. If this is the case, your eyebrows may reach new heights when you notice the latest luxury price that covers the situation for the iPhone 7 and 7 plus from the elements.

Starting at $ 349, Samurai is not the most expensive luxury item on the market, but it will certainly provoke a respite from the buyers of the consumer.

Element of the case is not trying to reach those low to high prices with this cover. Companies with quality design and engineering know that their high-end products will prove cost.

The name “knife” set the tone. This is the name of the traditional machetes of the legendary Japanese samurai, the blade with a special steel forging well-built for hand control.

Elements also turn to steel chassis. It claims that each case starts with an integral stainless steel spent five hours in a CNC engraver. However, Samurai underestimated the sparkling steel. Hand-milled hardwood panel cover the case, the leather accents provide a slip-free feel to the hand.


The samurai’s internal cushioning and suspension system meets the military drop test specifications, so in this case it’s like a real warrior protecting your iPhone.

Due to the manner of samurai sword, the company only produces a limited number.

Samurai will not be so easy to break the phone. Chassis with eight steel screws in the front bezel.

This special case is the most expensive element, the first time made of steel. Samurai sword before the top of the product line inspired by a more modern military battle: the case of black action is by the aircraft-grade aluminum “tactical increase in materials and characteristics.” Are black, of course, the red button ,, retail The price is $ 199.99.

Elements also sell other high-quality iPhone cases in the $ 40- $ 100 range. But now to see the black action and samurai, you may be tempted these cases to make heroes story.