Matte Black iPhone 7 Case Unexpectedly Chipping

As early as 2012, a problem was confirmed using anodized on the iPhone 5. The boss begins to notice that the casing has a chip that is visible under the surface of the aluminum anodized film. In some cases the iPhone arrives on the chip already visible.

Found 9 to 5mac, looks the same problem with the iPhone again 7 and 7plus, but only in the matte black model.

Apple’s support forum is slowly full of reports of matt black iphone chips (3 pages to write). The following chips expose silver and aluminum can occur in the first month, even the first week of ownership. Even if the iPhone is protected in one case, the chip will appear.

The chip most often happens at the volume buttons and the speaker grille, but they can also occur on the back of any edge or smartphone. Matte black iPhone 7plus69.99 dollars, t-mobile seems to suffer this problem than the small iPhone 7 at t-mobile $ 649.99.

The headache for iPhone owners is Apple’s policy on case damage. As it’s viewed as “cosmetic damage,” which occurs through normal daily use, Apple doesn’t cover it under warranty. Even if a chip appears after a few days, it’s still cosmetic damage.

Smartphones are constantly being handled, slipped in and out of a pocket or bag, and can quite easily be dropped or knocked. Damage to the case is something we all accept and that’s why protective cases exist. But if it chips without cause in the first few weeks of owning the phone, or even while inside a case, that’s not acceptable.

If the complaints in the support forum continue to grow in number, Apple will need to respond with something more than claiming cosmetic damage. It looks as though there’s some issue with the matte black anodizing process, and I’d be surprised if Apple wasn’t already quietly carrying out a review with its manufacturing partners.