Mophie Juice Pack Air battery case for iPhone 7

Dynamic has long been considered a leader in the case of iPhone batteries, and there are good reasons. Its products in my experience are usually close enough to Apple’s products, such as completing the same high price compared to competing. New iPhone battery after a few months of the latest device version, I have tested it in recent weeks, look at comparison options and previous versions …


To adapt and complete the case design and absolutely disappointed before the battery shell product line to build the quality of terms. Matt black finish soft hand, feel good, though attracted fingerprints like black iPhone color options. There are other colors to choose from, like the gold color chart with matt black in this comment, which may hide the fingerprint a bit more than I prefer the black version.

This measure in 16.66 mm thick, slightly smaller edge of the candle. The house is about 2525 milli hours when the battery, battery life twice your iPhone 7. Will not win any prizes more slim than the competition, but the super polished sandblasting surface helps to transfer through the feel in your hand particularly well. This is not a bulky battery case standard.

The top of the case snaps off (as pictured below) to allow your iPhone to slide in and connect to the integrated Lightning connector. You’ll have no problem getting your device in and out quickly, and the mechanism that connects the two pieces feels substantial enough that I wouldn’t worry about it breaking if you’re repeatedly doing so.


Built-in Qi wireless charging

The case works with Mophie’s other accessories. Built-in support for Qi wireless charging means you can optionally purchase the Mophie Charge Force charging base accessory ($39) for use with the Juice Pack Air case. Mophie also sent me one of these to review alongside the case and it does make for a notable differentiator. If you’re going to add a relatively bulky case to your iPhone, you might as well benefit from the wireless charging support that doesn’t add any additional bulk to the case over the competition. Mophie also makes a Charge Force Vent Mount for cars and Desk Mount.

Qi charging accessories are nothing new, but this is a nice addition over competitors without it, and a consideration if you can’t hold out for rumored wireless charging planned for the next iPhones. It will also work with other Qi-compatible charging accessories. So if you already happen to have Qi-compatible accessories, like a charging pad built-in to your vehicle, the case should work with those too.


No headphone jack, no Lightning charging

Unfortunately the big disappointment for me with the Mophie Juice Pack Air is lack of a Lightning port for charging. The big benefit of this is that you don’t have to carry around a micro-USB cable and can instead have fast charging with the same cable you use to charge your iPhone and other Apple accessories. If you’re traveling, which for me is one of the only times I need a battery case, it’s always nice to have one less cable to bring with you. It’s a nitpick and definitely isn’t a deal breaker, but other cases have it, so I expect it from a Made-for-iPhone case in this price range.

Then there is the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack, which again is possible for Made-for-iPhone accessories and something game controllers and others already do. That’s not something that bothered me personally having made the switch to AirPods, but that and a Lightning port are two things that could have made this the ultimate battery case for iPhone 7/7 Plus.



Apple’s battery case for iPhone 7 is a natural alternative. It’s priced similarly to Mophie’s case, has a similarly-sized 2365mAh battery to around double the iPhone’s battery life, and has a just as high-quality fit and finish with a thin bezel and a soft to the touch matte finish. And it has a Lightning port for charging. But the design of the case is a bit polarizing, with a bump that protrudes on the back of the case to house the battery and make the rest of the case thinner.

Apple is really the only one doing that, as other competitor’s cases more closely resemble Mophie’s design. You’ll take your chances on build-quality with the cheaper alternatives on Amazon, but they start as low as $19.99 for a battery of similar size.