Mophie Launches the “Power Capsule “, Geared toward Charging Wireless Headphones

Mophie has charging accessories available for phones but for headphones.

The company has just launched what it’s calling the ‘Power Capsule,’ which is geared toward charging wireless headphones. It’s basically a case for your headphones with a battery inside. Of course, the timing of the new charger’s release is no accident — it’s perfect for those looking to move to wireless headphones following the news that the iPhone 7 is doing away with the headphone jack.

The Power Capsule has a 1,400mAh battery, which should be able to offer up to eight full charges of most wireless headphones. The case also has an integrated USB port, so the capsule isn’t only for wireless earbuds. Other small devices that need charging could also be used with the Power Capsule — including things like fitness trackers and wearables.

The case also supports pass-through charging, which means that if you plug the capsule in it will first charge the device inside of it and then start charging itself. On the bottom of the capsule you’ll see a series of LED lights that indicate how charged up the device is.

The case itself is built from a high quality EVA Foam and high quality silicone. It was developed, according to Mophie, for “those on the move.” In other words, be it school, work, road trips, or the gym, your wireless devices should be kept relatively safe with the Power Capsule.

The Power Capsule for yourself is available from Best Buy starting on September 18, and costs $40, which is somewhat expensive. However, considering the Power Capsule acts as both a case and a charging dock for your wireless devices, it may well be worth the price for some.