Mophie’s new battery case kept my iPhone 7 Plus alive for over 30 hours

I put the case of smart phone batteries, because most of them nearly 10 years.

Even during the initial iPhone days I was more concerned with slim design strategies for mobile phones.

Last year I tried a dynamic bag of juice for the iPhone 6plus, and I felt the depth.

Dynamic recently sent me a version of the iPhone 7 plus, and I’m happy to say the results are better.

Juice bag air is slim design and the marriage between the battery can be stuffed into the design. This is a formidable task and I believe that if they even add a size of one to two millimeters in this case my results would be better.

At present, I can overcome my first test period of 30 hours of battery life. As for my second, or go. 26 hours after my iPhone 7 plus 39%, this should be enough for me today.

Keep in mind that this 26 hours includes 8 hours of continuous audio listening (I keep podcast playing when I sleep), streaming media (video and audio), light and games in and out of my get off work.

Optical phone users can see battery life more than a dynamic battery close to 33 hours claimed, although Netflix pronouns may find they get slightly worse results.

If all the juice bag air is doing is to provide additional battery life do not mind a huge case, this will be a solid product. But it also supports wireless charging. Put your case-clad phone into a dynamic charging pad and you will hear the familiar charge.

Those looking for an ultra-thin case may be disappointed, but I did not notice the extra volume and weight of the case too much. Another consideration is to cover the entire phone and charge through MicroUSB. This means that those who rely on wired headphones are bad luck.

iPhone 7 plus case

I do not use this situation every day, but this is an optional subsidiary when you know you will stay away from power. Of course it would be so when I travel using it, or even when I’m going to the concert.