Mous Limitless iPhone case: Fashionably sturdy & functional

When the London “Fashion Technology” memo hit me to see it in the new iPhone infinite case, I said of course, but expect more style than the material.

I have to admit that this case is both nice and solid guardian of your Apple smartphone.

A few years ago began producing a funky design and features Musicase contains your cell phone and headset, funding its infinite line section through an Indiegogo campaign to raise more than $ 372 to end on January 8. The company promotes its use of high-quality materials, from marble walnut, which greatly shows how the YouTube video of the mobile phone wrapped through the elastic case is removed from the cranes or thrown at the Apple store.

Flex Mount provides for hands-free iPhone viewing

“Our unique new process involves the injection of microcrystalline material into high temperature microbubbles. The air inside these microbubbles acts as a small spring and significantly inhibits the effects of the fall,” the memo said of the marketing materials.

I left the next test expert, or at least anything that could replace them on the phone. But I do get into my iPhone 6 s understanding case and also be able to accommodate the iPhone 7 model and found that walnut-backed offers provide a comfortable, comfortable and healthy. A thickness of about 2 mm adds a phone, weighs only 42 grams.

The hole on the back of the camera is a bit bigger than me, but it can not expose too much phone.

Hidden behind the material is a steel plate that connects to a magnetic hill (which can be reused with a basic mountain, along with 3 times each). The utopian flex mounts my case to match the color and can suck a label into a dashboard, window or other metal surface by car. I found the mountain was very good in my car windshield, although it dropped overnight night when the temperature dropped below the freezing point.

The Marble Memo will charge $ 40 for a $ 40 non-marble 1 and $ 25 flex mount, although you can get them a little less during the remaining Indiegogo campaign.