The New video from China compares rose gold finish in alleged ‘iPhone 7’ to iPhone 6s

There are no surprises in the most recent video that previous leaks haven’t already highlighted. The headphone jack is absent, the camera extrusion is the same as seen previously, and there are no smart connector ports on the device depicted.

Another comparison video apparently showing Apple’s anticipated “iPhone 7” rear shell has appeared on Chinese social media, apparently comparing the rosereplicastalk
gold casing of the new model to the finish of the iPhone 6s.

The screen of the “iPhone 7” is not shown, with the handler taking great pains to spend no time on that aspect of the device, suggesting that this latest video is of a mockup as well. Devices shown in recent “leak” photos and Chinese social media venues all appear to have all come from the same source, or possibly the same data source and different manufacturers.

This latest comparison video is sourced from Weibo, again with no functionality on display, and likely to be similar to the case reproduction that was identified on Tuesday. The fake shell in the video earlier in the week was purchased for $150 from a vendor China, and said to be manufactured as an exact duplicate of Apple’s forthcoming “iPhone 7.”

All of the recent case mockup videos and photos closely match blueprints allegedly of the new iPhone. While the parts shown in the videos may be fabricated from apocryphal data gleaned from factory workers, it’s possible the data collected to construct the mockups may prove to be accurate in the fall.

There is an entire industry built around the iPhone, and case manufacturers getting a head start on the market from accurate leaks. Prior to the release of the iPhone 4s, case manufacturer Hard Candy put a great deal of faith into rumors and leaks that the upcoming “iPhone 5” casing was a teardrop-shaped design, and purchased manufacturing molds for casings for the design that never came to pass.