Renders of the ‘iPhone 8’ from CAD file shows possible glass back, wireless charging

A collection of new renders for the ‘iPhone 8’ surfaced this morning, claimed to be created based on a ‘highly detailed CAD file’ of the smartphone’s chassis, with the images seemingly showing the new rear dual camera orientation and a section on the glass back supposedly used for wireless charging.

Render of the 'iPhone 8' based on a CAD file, via Engadget
Render of the ‘iPhone 8’ based on a CAD file, via Engadget

Several renders have been created from the CAD file, provided by a “reliable source” of Engadget within the accessory industry, and showing what could be the ‘iPhone 8’ from a variety of angles, including the front and rear.

Following on from earlier rumors about wireless charging, the back side of the rendered device appears to have a “carved out area,” which may be used to house a wireless charging coil. The back is also covered in glass, giving it a sleek appearance as well as allowing wireless charging to function at the rear.

The rear camera bump is seen to be vertically aligned in the renders, with the report also claiming the flash and a microphone will also be included as part of the bump. Due to the size of the device, it is suggested the vertical camera arrangement could become a standard feature for other iPhone releases in the future.

The report’s source advises the screen sizes of the next generation of iPhone will receive a bump, with the 4.7-inch version increasing to 5 inches, and the 5.5-inch “Plus” model growing to 5.8 inches. This seems to go against earlier rumors claiming there to be three iPhones on the way, with the high-specification ‘iPhone 8’ accompanied by the ‘iPhone 7s’ and ‘iPhone 7s Plus.’

On the front, the render shows the Touch ID fingerprint reader at the bottom of the screen, visually appearing similar to the usual home button, but said to be flush with the glass. While previous rumors suggested the home button could be replaced by a software-based version as part of a longer display panel, lines on the screen seemingly showing the top and bottom of the display indicate this may not be the case, at least for this render.

It appears that there are two camera modules on the front, in the top left corner, above the display. The use of two cameras on the front could possibly be used for a 3D sensing system, mapping the user’s face using stereoscopic imagery, though it is also possible that one could be a 3D laser scanning module.

It is unclear if an edge-to-edge display will be used in the ‘iPhone 8’ based on the renders, though this has been previously rumored. Though details about the dimensions of the rendered device were not specified, it is noted that measurements in the CAD file indicate the ‘iPhone 8’ will have a marginally taller, wider, and thicker body than its predecessor, the iPhone 7.

Due to the “nature” of the CAD file that Engadget refuses to publish, it is plausible that the images are somewhat accurate, but the report notes there is always the possibility the renders could be false, or that Apple has opted for a different design.