Sioeye iPhone-connected sports camera streams live via LTE, involves 5GB free with T-Mobile

New Sioeye Iris4G customers will now receive a preinstalled T-Mobile SIM card, ready for account activation, allowing data connectivity on the go without the need for a smartphone. For a limited time, new customers will also be able to redeem a special 5-gigabyte starter pass at no additional cost, offering up to 10 hours of live streaming directly from the device.

Startup camera maker Sioeye on Wednesday announced its Iris4G LTE iOS-connected action camera now offers data plans with U.S. carrier T-Mobile, including a starter package with 5 gigabytes of free bandwidth to begin live streaming on the go.

After the free data is used, customers can opt in for a variety of no-annual-contract T-Mobile plans starting at $20 for 2 gigabytes of LTE data, or one-time data passes starting at $10 per gigabyte.

Live video is broadcast at a 480p resolution at 30 frames per second. Users can also simultaneously store 1080p video at 30 frames per second on a microSD card while streaming. Without streaming enabled, the Iris4G is capable of 4K-resolution video at 30 frames per second, and 1080p at 120 frames per second.

Sioeye’s Iris4G is the first LTE-connected action camera available, competing with the likes of market leader GoPro. Like other action cameras, the Iris4G connects to an iOS application that offers a live view from the camera as well as controls.

The iPhone app also gives broadcasters the ability to update default settings for the title of a live stream, and to make announcements about a stream on Twitter and Facebook.

Viewers who don’t have an Iris4G can use the official Sioeye app to watch live streams as well as replays from athletes equipped with the camera. The app supports multiple Iris4G cameras, allowing various points of view or live feeds from several athletes.

Priced at $429, the Sioeye Iris4G LTE Live Streaming Action Camera is available for purchase now. It includes a T-Mobile SIM card ready for activation, plus a one-month 5-gigabyte data pass at no aditional cost.

The embedded LTE radio is unlocked and capable of supporting 4G FDD-LTE and 3G WCDMA. It ships with a green waterproof case and an external LTE booster antenna.

The camera itself also includes a LCD screen for live view, and Sioeye claims its rechargeable Lithium Ion battery offers up to 90 minutes of live streaming on a single charge. The action cam also includes adhesive mounts and a universal coupler that allows it to connect to what Sioeye describes as “3rd party action camera accessories you may already have,” in a bid to appeal to users who have already invested in the GoPro ecosystem of accessories.