Stylish Cases for Your iPhone 7


Give your most prized possession a whole new look. Check out our top picks for fun, chic cases for iphone 7.


Kickstand iPhone 7 Case, Moshi ($50).

A sleek look meets practicality with the moshi case iphone 7—the kickstand built into the back makes everything from surfing the web to watching Netflix convenient.


Do Not Disturb iPhone 7 Case, Marc Jacobs ($45). 

Don’t bother trying to explain to your friends that you’re too absorbed with your new toy to pay attention. Cut right to the chase with this cheeky Marc Jacobs phone case to get the message across.


Victorian Garden iPhone Case in Pink Roses, Gresso ($30).

Class up your new phone with this elegant black option printed with pink roses.


Stoned iPhone 7 Case, Zero Gravity ($26-28).

For a look that’s as simple as it is cool, put your phone in the Zero Gravity Stoned case for a more masculine vibe.


iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Case, Casetify ($36). 

Give your phone a touch of whimsy with this transparent case, decorated with a flower-adorned deer.


Saguaro iPhone 7 Plus Case, Sonix ($35).

Opt for a cactus printed case for an eye-catching, chic protective layer for your phone.


Black/Gold Leather Icon Wallet for iPhone 7, HEX ($50).

Doubling as a wallet, this black and gold case is ideal for those who like to have everything in one place.