Superior stylish protective iPhone 7 case with elegant and vivid patterns



•    10-Foot Drop Tested. Make sure Fortress ™ is signed to provide the ultimate protection for your iPhone 7, which has repeatedly been elevated from 10 feet by a third party lab.
•    IMPACTIUM™ Shock Barrier. IMPACTIUM is an innovative dynamic cushioning material for line fortress cases. The ridge of the IMPACTIUM internal perimeter affects the absorption and dispersion of the impact compression.
•    Patented raised-bezel screen protection. IMPACTIUM raised bezel guards screen from direct drops onto phone face and prevents damage when lying flat.
•    Responsive button protection. IMPACTIUM protects volume and power buttons while maintaining true button responsiveness.
•    Perimeter port and camera protection. IMPACTIUM protects ports, microphones and speakers from the sound or interference port under the premise of reduced accessibility, camera lens, camera flash.




•    Slimmest and most protective case yet. We’ve optimized the design to create the slimmest dual-layer case Speck has ever made, while improving protection.
•    Precision-engineered fit. Presidio INKED is precision-engineered to fit your iPhone 7 perfectly.




•    Scratch-resistant. New matte and glossy finishes resist scratches and offer a modern style with a range of elegant and vivid patterns.
•    Lab-tested durability. In all spot situations, independent labs detect multiple real-world conditions to ensure that your equipment is always protected. We test to prevent extreme drops, extreme temperatures, chemicals, antenna interference, cracks and abrasions, bending equipment, etc.
•    Lifetime warranty. All Presidio cases come with a lifetime limited warranty