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  • iPhone Case Hands-On And Ullu Apple Watch Strap

    They’re also fashion and status statements, and thanks to the many cases and watch straps on the market, we have hundreds of opportunities to personalize our devices. However, very rarely do we see accessories that also work together in the same way. Ullu is a company that makes cases for the iPhone and straps for […]

  • iPhone Case Recommended : It Will Be Easier to Take Photo by Using Pro iPhone Case

    Do you use iPhone case? The development of increasingly high-tech and high-powered cameras on our smartphones has now become a major selling point for devices that are otherwise relatively undifferentiated from one another. So given our collective penchant for documenting every moment of our lives via smartphone camera, the beautifully designed Snap! Pro, which “helps […]

  • $650 iPhone case is able to stop a .50 cal bullet

    Considering the iPhone’s front screen is unprotected and the rear camera is barely protected, this is the most impratical case I have ever see. There are buyers for everything though and if you happen to want one of these $650 iPhone cases, Marudai will ship you an empty .50 cal bullet with the case. So […]