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  • Customizable iPhone Case, iPad Case, and Apple Watch Band from Casetify


    These iPhone case, iPad watchbox and Apple Watch Band opportunities, all can be customized according to everyone’s preferences. Casetify, for those who are not easy to offer a series of products, can be created in one of many artist-designed models or created using custom images. For this gift we offer the iPhone wallet case, iPad […]

  • Best protective case for iphone 6s

    best protective iphone cases

    Our phone is beautiful and sexy, but it does not matter. In any case, because in most cases, the market is ugly, cumbersome and general protection of advertising, in my opinion, you do not need it in the real world. That’s why I eventually design aramid-like material for body armor. It increases the protection of […]

  • Top 5 Best iPhone 7 Fashion Cases Reviewed 2016


    When you fall in the iPhone, you can feel a broken heart. The iPhone is very expensive, when it comes to maintenance. In most cases, the iPhone due to careless handling or accidental bumps and falls. In order to help you relax, enhance the beauty of your iPhone, because you protect it, we will review […]

  • 21 People Report to CPSC That Their Samsung Top-Loading Washing Machines Have Blown Apart or Exploded

    21 people so far have reported to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) that their Samsung top-loading washing machines have blown apart or exploded, ABC News reported. Apparently, the problem is limited to some recently made Samsung top-loading washers, and, specifically, relates to a support rod which isn’t sufficient for keeping the wash tub in […]

  • Man’s gun-shaped iPhone case caused airport security scare

    If storage andHublot Replica Watches power is an issue, you’ll likely opt for something like this, though if you’re one for handling your phone in the shower, a waterproof number is sure to appeal. When you’re looking for a case for your smartphone, what kind of considerations come to mind? Do you want a cool design […]


    THE IPHONE CASE YOU NEED TO PROTECT YOUR PHONE For Christmas, we brought the boys new phones- iPhone 6/6s smartphones as their “big” Christmas present. When it comes to kids and phones (well, probably adults too), they need cases to endure “BOY” stuff. “Boy Stuff” includes: The phone is falling out of pockets while they […]

  • Actually iPhone Gun Case Draws Criticism From Police Officers

    RecentlyPanerai Replica, spokesman for the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office in New Jersey, Della Fave, posted a photo of herself carrying an iPhone gun case in her back pocket, proving that the accessory could easily be mistaken as a dangerous weapon. Particularly in tense situations involving police officers, reaching into one’s pocket can already be perceived […]