The 5 Best Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Screen Protectors to Maintain Curved Perfection

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus won’t be out until later this month, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare in advance and look into Galaxy S8 cases, screen protectors, and other accessories now.

If this particular aspect of owning a new phone is usually tedious for you, don’t worry, because we’ve already done some digging of our own and compiled a small list of Galaxy S8 screen protectors from well-known brands that will be available by the time the S8 and S8 Plus are out. They’re on the pricier side, but having a good screen protector is going to be a lot cheaper than replacing the display, or the entire phone. Scroll down to see which companies have screen protectors we think you should look into.

Incipio Plex Plus Shield Edge ($50)

The Plex Plus screen protector immediately addresses any concerns you may have about covering the entirety of the Galaxy S8’s display, as it was designed with the curved edges in mind. This S8 screen protector is tempered glass, so only a serious scrape or fall will leave a blemish, and its static-free finish prevents a build up of dust and lint, keeping the S8’s screen pristine and as clear as the day you got it. If you have the Galaxy S8 or the larger Galaxy S8 Plus, then the Plex Plus will protect your display from harm.

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Incipio (S8) Incipio (S8 Plus)

Moshi IonGlass ($40+)

Moshi’s IonGlass is another glass screen protector, but unlike the above Plex Plus, Moshi has used a unique strengthening process to make their IonGlass more effective than tempered glass. The end result is an S8 screen protector that will be very hard to scratch, dent, or shatter, and one that provides complete edge-to-edge display protection. It’s made to perfectly fit the Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus, is thinner than other screen protectors (meaning it’ll be hard to feel after application), and any fingerprint smudges or stains can be easily wiped away thanks to the oleophobic coating applied during its production.

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Amazon (S8) Moshi (S8 Plus)

OtterBox Alpha Glass ($36+)

You probably know OtterBox for their protective cases, but their screen protectors are also worth looking into. The company’s Alpha Glass, for example, is a tempered glass protector that can match up with any other offering on this list. It’s curved to complement the Galaxy S8’s design, and is both shatter- and scratch-resistant. The sensitivity from the smartphone’s touchscreen isn’t compromised, nor are the clarity and quality of the display. It’s a completely clear screen protector that is backed by OtterBox’s 1 year warranty, so you can buy one knowing you have the company’s support if the Alpha Glass under performs.

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Amazon (S8) Amazon (S8 Plus) OtterBox (S8) OtterBox (S8 Plus) MobileFun (S8)

Verizon Ultra Screen Protector ($45)

Verizon doesn’t have a special name for their screen protector, only referred to as the “Ultra Screen Protector;” it’s simply a really good protector for your Galaxy S8. Aside from the features you’ve come to expect, such as edge-to-edge coverage, smudge-resistance, and incredible transparency, its most unique trait is that it was made using Dragontrail Pro, a chemically enhanced glass that is used on a number of laptops, TVs, and smartphones. The end result of using such a glass is similar to that of the Moshi IonGlass: A stronger glass screen protector that is hard to damage. Once it’s applied (and a case is used), those around you will have a hard time believing it’s not an unprotected screen.

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Verizon (S8) Verizon (S8 Plus)

Spigen Neo Flex ($9+)

The Neo Flex screen protector from Spigen isn’t made out of glass like the others on this list. Instead, it’s made using a flexible TPU material that is like the film protectors many of us are probably used to. What it lacks in glass materials, it more than makes up for in capabilities, like the one that allows it to self-heal, or subtly erase minor scratches over time. It cuts down on the amount of oils and fingerprint residue that could appear on the display, prevents bubbling during application and use, and touchscreen sensitivity remains unaffected. The one potential downside may be the spray-on solution required to make it stick to the Galaxy S8, but if you’re not bothered by a small amount of mist, then Spigen’s Neo Flex is definitely one of the cheaper solutions to keep your display intact.

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Amazon (S8) Amazon (S8 Plus) Spigen (S8) Spigen (S8 Plus)