The best smartwatch Apple Watch S7

Why Apple has been able to lead the wearable device field for a long time with high-end products? What makes such a large-scale user willing to pay for the high price? Through the Apple Watch Series 7 smartwatch previously released with the iPhone 13, we may be able to find some clues.

The square dial, quick release strap, metal body, and rotatable digital crown set for the first generation of products… All the elements that can constitute Apple Watch cognition have been completely inherited by this generation of products. In terms of appearance, Apple Watch Series 7 (hereinafter referred to as S7) has hardly changed. You must know that even the iPhone has completed the transformation of full-screen and right-angle vertical edges in the past few years.

Of course, the S7 is not without a slight change in appearance. It has become the first Apple product to use a flexible OLED screen, and the curved part of the cover glass can also display the picture. Coming to the 1.9-inch screen and the narrower black border area, the entire watch has a more refined feel, and it is not easy to be criticized as a toy because the screen ratio is too small like many smart watches.

smartwatch Apple Watch S7

Apple Watch still has the most advanced dial among smart watches. The exquisite dynamic effects and information display can only be regarded as appearances. More importantly, there are traces of thinking about what users actually need. This is real-time according to the scene, time, and application. The changing Siri dial is particularly noticeable. If you choose the joint version of Nike and Hermes, you can also use the exclusive dials of several brands.

Many smartwatches have begun to support AOD on-screen display, but the S7 still maintains the leading experience: instead of only displaying the time constant rudely, the second hand and dynamic effects are hidden, and the information presentation of the current dial is preserved as much as possible, and the transition between wake-up and AOD is also Smooth. The S7 also provides the corresponding AOD during exercise. It can be seen that Apple wants to keep the dial on at all costs.

After getting used to the popular wake-up function by raising the wrist, I have been thinking about the significance of the Apple Watch spending so much effort on the screen display. Even if it is optimized and supported by new screen technology, it will not lose too much battery life. affect the overall life of the screen. Maybe in Apple’s view, smart watches can be viewed and woken up at any time in the full scene, which is a very high priority requirement.

What Apple Watch brings to me is to make people more receptive to exercise, such as using voice, vibration and other reminders to correct movements or navigation directions during exercise, without too much burden. Apple has not given up on improving the comprehensive experience beyond the image because it has the best screen in the smartwatch, which is also beyond the reach of other products.

Like previous generations, the S7 is monitoring in real time, so it has the meticulous ability to “care about” people’s movement status, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting or erroneously recording, and losing the expected sense of accomplishment. When you move but do not actively record exercise data, the watch will prompt whether to start recording (even specific sports can be recognized), and if you forget to stop exercise recording, it will ask whether to terminate.

People do not like to do unnecessary exercise by nature, and the sense of achievement is an important driving force that drives people to move. Apple iPhone Case has captured this very well. When I reach my predetermined goal every day, the picture and vibration feedback on the closure of the fitness circle can make me realize the value of “really done”. In addition, medals for achieving various stages are given away, which gives me a sense of accomplishment that other products have far from achieved.