Top 10 Best iPhone 6 Plus Cases Reviewed

The iPhone 6 Plus is a gorgeous device but it’s just a little too much control and not very hard to expose the drops and scratches. Case or overlay can improve control and add a little protection. It takes away the beautiful phone, but it can help prevent physical damage. Here are the top 10 best iPhone 6 Plus  Cases reviewed.


10. Flexion iPhone 6 Plus Case


The Flexion is a clear simple case that does not take away much of the beauty of the phone. Because it is so slim the phone does not gain much in terms of thickness. Also its clear polycarbonate design protects only the rear side of the phone. The screen is only protected from drops by the edges of the case. For scratch protection a foil is recommended.


9. Nupro Lightweight Protective Snap-on Case for Apple iPhone Plus


Nupro is a simple and light choice that need something simple and extremely thin. It barely adds any thickness to the iPhone 6 plus. It is a snap-on model with cutouts for the buttons and camera and a durable polycarbonate construction that improves the grip when held with one hand. The model is available in multiple colors and it is one of the more affordable cases for the iPhone 6 Plus.


8. JETech Apple iPhone 6 Plus Case


The JETech was built as a bumper cover shock case that provides decent protection and a slim design. It is made of a clear polycarbonate with cutouts for the buttons and a really thin profile. It offers full protection for the back of the iPhone 6 plus and a bumper protection for the screen. It also comes with air cushioning for all its four corners and it does not obstruct any of the phone’s features.


7. i-Blason iPhone 6 Plus Case


The i-Blason iPhone 6 Plus Case is an excellent choice for the ones that need something more than just a bumper snap-n case. It is made of synthetic leather and comes with a full frontal cover that also includes small pockets that can be used to store items such as credit cards or money. This is a much cheaper model with a lightweight construction and excellent shock protection.


6. Candywe #01 iPhone 6 Case


While the #01 iPhone 6 Case from Candywe might appeal more to women rather than men its design does make it impressive. It actually looks like a small wallet or purse and comes with a sleek foldable design and secure locking mechanism. It is stylish, compact and affordable. The model comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns and it includes a carrying strap.


5. FYY Ultra Slim Magnetic Cover Case for Apple iPhone 6 Plus


FYY is not what some might call a notorious brand but their iPhone 6 Plus case surely deserves attention. It is affordable, with a simple cover and convertible design to make it a stand. It is made of high quality PU leather and has a variety of colors to choose from.


4. i-Blason Armorbox iPhone 6 Plus Protective Case


The Armorbox is exactly what it names implies. This solid and durable case offers superior protection from shocks and impacts as well as excellent grip and front protective cover. The model uses a hard polycarbonate shell and a flexible inner to maximize impact absorption. It is not the lightest case but the protection it offers is difficult to match.


3. Supcase Full Body Rugged iPhone 6 Plus Case


Supcase offers one of the few water resistant iPhone 6 Plus cases. The interchangeable back-to-back model has a simple design that provides a number of different color schemes without the need to completely change the situation. It is waterproof, impact resistant and dustproof. The model is also quite cheap and very durable.


2. Verus iPhone 6 Plus Case


The Verus iPhone 6 Plus Case is a gorgeously looking product made of high quality PU leather and a visually appealing design. It is actually a simple flip cover but its construction and design makes it stand out when compared with other models. Verus also focused on safety and protection and as shown the model is capable of withstanding shocks, scratches and drops without damaging the phone.


1. Spigen Slim Armor Case For iPhone 6 Plus


The slim armor series has made great success and the iPhone 6 plus version rules are no exception. It is the most popular case on the market due to its build quality, slim profile and excellent protection. The model has a station function and a pattern for the iPhone 6 plus button. It is light, affordable and has a wide selection of colors to choose from.