Top 8 Best iPhone 7 Plus Wallet Cases In 2016

If you have the iPhone 7 Plus is a great achievement. This kind of mobile phone with a careful, you are always cautious when you handle it. First of all, you would never consider it safe. In order to help you choose the most suitable for your iPhone 7, here are ten kinds of comments.

1. Cm4 q Card Case

Cm4 q Card Case

A lot of people don’t like to carry a purse, because now a lot of style of wallet is too big. CM4 iPhone case comes in a slim make and fits perfectly to your iPhone. This design possesses extreme beauty. Your iPhone is safe with this wallet, and you will find it easy carrying it around. Its leather design makes it last longer allowing your iPhone 7 plus to get assured protection. Its slimness gives it a sleek and beautiful appearance. You will relieve yourself from misplacing your credit card as this wallet case has a section designed to fit your three credit cards.

2. Silk Wallet Case – Folio

Silk Wallet Case – Folio

If you want to give your iPhone full frame protection, try Silk Wallet Case. This design is durable as it’s made from a high fabric material. It fits well to your iPhone 7 plus making it look classy. This case is made to allow easy access to your iPhones screen and the functional ports. Silk wallet case has a case to allow you carry your cards your cash safely. This case is easy to fold, you will experience a quiet time to watch your movies and other programs in your iPhone 7. Package has a free screen protection film and wrist, you will have your iPhone in good condition and scratch free.

3. Silk Case – Sofi

Silk Case – Sofi

Sofi wallet case is here to relieve you from carrying your cards in your pockets and adopting a portfolio case style. Sofi is designed to offer your iPhone 7 plus the needed protection. You will feel your phones firmness in your hands as a result of the sturdy grip. Sofi brings out beauty and class on your gadget. It’s lightweight meaning you will feel a free person carrying it around. The case is completely meet your iPhone to replenish its shape. In this case, to carry your card easily. Protection from the lid will leave your iPhone scratch free. Sophie is you need to experience happiness.


4. Purple Orchid Silk wallet Case

Purple Orchid Silk wallet Case

Purple is a good color, that is why this case will never hide the beauty of your iPhone. Orchid silk quality, it’s on your iPhone is a guarantee of durability. It’s an ultra-slim case with a firm grip. This means that your iPhone will never experience bulkiness; instead, it will be easy to carry. This case grip ensures that your iPhone stays in your arms and it’s protected from drops. Orchid Silk provides your iPhone with full-frame protection. Never leave your cards in the house as this case has a temporary space to keep your cards and cash. With a screen protector film, you will always have a scratch free screen.

5. I-Blason Leather wallet Case

I-Blason Leather wallet case

If blue is your color, then it comes your way in style. I-Blason Leather color speaks beauty. It’s slim and less bulky. It fits well to your iPhone, making it firm and steady. This case has provisions for storing your credit cards reducing the inconveniences of forgetting your cards at home. This case offers a wide viewing angle that will allow you to see everything displaying on your screen with ease. In addition, this case quality, your iPhone will be exempt from permanent damage compensation. If you try the case, you will receive a lovely purse which easy to use.

6. Kickstand Folio wallet case

Kickstand Folio wallet case

Stents to open his wallet box is another under the condition of high quality, will always protect your iPhone. This case has a completely cover to protect your iPhone from damage. This wallet case have a credit card slot, that means your card is safe. With this case, you will be able to view your content with easy as its covers easily convert. This case is slim making it look nice on your iPhone. The only case that is less bulky is Kickstand Folio wallet case; it’s fantastic and easy to fit firmly on your iPhone. Receive the protection needed for your gadget be happy.

7. Black Onyx

Black Onyx

Black Onyx is a case from silk. This case is slim, hence will make the appearance of your iPhone cute. It has a high grip texture, and your iPhone will never drop unnecessary. The slim wallet protects your iPhone and has pockets designed to carry your cards plus cash. It’s crafted from high standard material, making it durable. You will receive one of the biggest screen saver, in order to improve your screen safe. You will find a new way to keep your cash.

8. Gunmetal Gray

Gunmetal Gray

Gunmetal Gray is another product from silk. Gunmetal Gray is slim, and this aspect makes your iPhone less bulky. It also adds beauty. This case has a full frame protection, meaning your iPhone is under certain security. It also has a screen protector to prevent scratches. In this case, you would like to keep your credit card, because it is safe. It has high grip texture, prevent it fall down. It is also completely fit your iPhone, and to ensure that your biggest protection.
From the above comments, guidance to feel good and make a wise decision, when you’re ready to protect your iPhone 7 Plus, you’ll have an easier time to choose your favorite products.