A top-notch iPhone case with great materials

For the last few weeks I’ve been using jimmy CASE for iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 6/6s. This iPhone case has a unique mix of materials including mahogany, silicone, and high performance elastic that work well together both aesthetically and functionally. Keep reading after the break to learn more and why jimmy CASE is worth picking up.


I usually use some form of wallet on my iPhone, and I love the simplicity it offers and some protection. I tried a lot of different brands and styles over the years, but I have not encountered jimmyCASE before.


jimmyCASE uses mahogany or basswood, silicone, and high performance elastic. Just hearing or reading about these materials might make this combination might sound a bit strange; but it really makes for a great looking product, as well as a flexible and functional one.

As for the colors, I tried out Black for iPhone 6/6s and Brown Tweedy for iPhone 7 Plus, both with mahogany. They offer more colorful choices as well as options with striped elastic if you’d like to spice things up. You can also choose to customize jimmyCASE with either mahogany or basswood (dark or light) and a white or black silicone bumper to go with your elastic color preference.


With this great mix of materials, jimmyCASE feels like a sharp hybrid between Nomatic’s slick modern wallets and the hand finished wood iPhone cases by Carved (we covered a tour of Carved’s unique business at 9to5Toys).



jimmyCASE’s build is very solid and it’s produced by hand in Los Angeles. The silicone bumper gives a nice grip, but doesn’t attract any lint and goes smoothly in and out of pockets and bags. The silicone wraps around the front of the screen enough that it’s not resting on the glass when turned over.  The mahogany gives a rich look and a good amount rigidity and strength to the back.

The high performance elastic (which jimmyCASE says doesn’t wear out) is custom made for the company. I noticed the elastic isn’t sown all the way across at the bottom and was concerned at first. Then I realized this serves the slick purpose of sliding your cards, cash or other contents up smoothly.

The elastic wraps underneath the mahogany on both sides and is sown 3/4-inch from the outside edge toward the center at the bottom. This allows for the fun and useful push to slide function and also keeps all your contents from falling out.

Use & Feel

I found that using jimmyCASE every day looks just as big. The back of the soft silicone bumper and elastic is very comfortable to hold and use. Use flexibility to fit 6 cards + cash (though I usually stick with 3 and occasionally bills or both). This is a lot more potential than most wallet cases on the market. And jimmyCASE really safe to save to your content.

Other aspects I appreciate when I want to use jimmyCASE without a card I do not leave a cumbersome case with unused space because the design of the iPhone lies on whether you have a card and the content is stored in the back. As for protection, I have not given up on my iPhone at jimmyCASE yet, but I believe it will provide solid protection whenever I do.

Like most silicone cases, the silicone bumper softens the volume and sleep / wakes the buttons feel, but I still get enough soft clicks to feel satisfied. A ring with a broken / silent side switch needs to work harder, but in many cases this is a problem.

My only criticism of JimmyCASE is that it’s a bit difficult to remove (but that also means it’s a comfortable health, rest assured). I do not switch the case a lot, so this is no big deal for me, though, it’s best to remember according to your preference. I found it easier to start the rear camera near the upper right corner.



With great materials, a sharp look, and flexible useful function, jimmyCASE has become my favorite new case and I definitely recommend picking one up.

You can find jimmyCASE for iPhone 6/6s on Amazon from $36 with Prime shipping and options for iPhone 7/7 Plus, 6/6s Plus and iPhone SE/5s on the jimmyCASE website. Prices range between $39-$59 depending on model and if you choose to customize your jimmyCASE.