iPhone Case Hands-On And Ullu Apple Watch Strap

They’re also fashion and status statements, and thanks to the many cases and watch straps on the market, we have hundreds of opportunities to personalize our devices. However, very rarely do we see accessories that also work together in the same way. Ullu is a company that makes cases for the iPhone and straps for the Apple Watch, but rather than a mishmash of styles and designs that overwhelm the senses, it sticks to a simple formula — supple leather in matching colors. The Apple Watch and the iPhone go together like few other pieces of technology.

Although Ullu’s iPhone case and Apple Watch strap are solid products on their own, the two are better together.

Ullu’s core iPhone product is the SnapOn case, which has a very similar design to Apple’s leather case, but it’s more heavily padded and textured leather. The Apple Watch strap is also thickly padded, and finished with double loops and a metal buckle. Gathering its leather from the U.S., South Africa, Italy, and Thailand, Ullu says its cases and all leather products are hand crafted for an excellent finish and fit. We’ve been trying out a SnapOn case and an Ullu Strap on our iPhone 6S Plus and Watch Sport.

Soft felt lines the iPhone case, and the usual cutouts are there for the mute switch and the camera lens, plus subtle covers for the volume and sleep/wake key. It’s not really that much different in style to any other case, until you look at the different colors available, and feel the leather itself. The texture is stronger than Apple’s case, and the case itself is slightly weightier and stiffer. It’s also easier to grip than an iPhone clad in an Apple leather case.

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The Apple Watch Strap is stitched down the sides and ends in a taper at one end, and a shiny stainless steel clasp on the other. The leather is very stiff for the first day or so, and it refused to adapt to the shape of my wrist for a time, but it soon molded into a more comfortable curve. After less than two weeks wearing it, the leather hasn’t softened, but there’s evidence it will over time. The color hasn’t faded around any gathering creases, or transferred on to clothing. Ullu uses official Apple lugs to connect to the Watch body, so the fit is flawless.



Although Ullu’s iPhone case and Apple Watch strap are solid products on their own, the two are better together. We’ve been sporting a red SnapOn case and a matching Strap, named Bloody Hell by Ullu, and love the way they look together. To really finish the look off, choose the customizable Color Watch face, and you’ll find the colors perfectly match many of Ullu’s straps and cases.

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While we stayed with the red models, check out the gorgeous Turqish Delight turquoise pair too, although the color may be better suited to women than men. Ullu has a wide range though, including black, white, orange, and many other distinct shades. In addition to the premium leather series here, Ullu also has cases and straps in stingray leather, alligator leather, ostrich leather, plus those with more unusual finishes.

Ullu sells the Apple Watch Strap in premium leather for $100, while the alternative leather options go anywhere up to $350, and comes in both 38mm and 42mm sizes. The SnapOn case is $60, and we’d also suggest checking out the $60 Pocket sleeve from Ullu as an alternative. Slide your iPhone inside without a case, and it’s a super snug fit, that looks superb. Ullu sells its products internationally through its website here.